All BlueWater Treatments Include A Minted Steamed   Cleanse W Hot Lavendar Towels & a Customized Serum Mask Infused W High Frequency Technology!
BlueWater Signature European Facial $130 90min


This most Luxurious facial includes a Minted, Steamed Double Cleanse & Lavendar Hot Towels. Relax & Dream Away During the 20 min Upper Body & Facial Massage W Lymphatic Drainage. Your Skin will be highly exfoliated after hydrodermabrasion, followed by A custom Medical Grade Serum Application infused into the skin W High Frequency Technology. This Relaxing Facial will leave you & your Skin Refreshed & Radiant!

HydroFacial               $165 90min
Add Hands&Forearms~$50


Uncover A Glowing Fresh Lqyer of skin on The Face, Neck, & Chest W An Obagi Blue Peel Radiance Application & Hydrodermabrasion Followed by Dermaplaning, & final pass w The HydroDermabrasion Wand. Pores are then relieved of debris W gentle suction After any needed Extractions are completed. The Skin is then infused W Peptides Using Oxygen Infusion. A custom Serum Application is then infused into the skin W High Frequency Technology. This Treatment Stimulates Collagen Production & Leaves the Skin Plumped & Glowing, Delivering Long-Lasting Hydration W a Beautiful Reduction in Fine Lines & Wrinkles. Acne Prone Skin will also Benefit Greatly From this Pore Refining Treatment! 

RadioFrequencyW Dermaplaning Face$200     Add Neck or Chest~            $50 Each                            Add Hands & ForeArms~    $65                                  Tummy Tightener~            $150                                 Backs of Thighs~                $150                                 Eye Lift Only~                  $50                                      

        ~Combine 3orMore Areas & Receive 20% off~              ~Purchase A Package of 4 to Receive an extra 10%~

   ~Add RadioFrequency to Any treatment For 25%off~

RadioFrequency is a nonsurgical & noninvasive Skin Tightening & Anti-Aging Treatment. During RF Treatment, current flows from the electrodes into your skin, Heating the tissues beneath to stimulate collagen, elastin, & hyaluronic acid production. RadioFrequency Treatments are best done in a series to Achieve Optimum Results. The skin is plumped and moisture is stimulated, leaving the skin Luminous & Revitalized! 

Microneedling W Dermaplaning Face $200 90min
Add Neck and/or Chest~  $50 each ​
Add Hands & Forearms~ $65
   Adding RadioFrequency to this treatment is Highly         Recommended!

Microneedling Introduces Fine Needles into the dermis to Create Microscopic Channels in order to Encourage the Production of Collagen & Elastin, which Generates New Skin Cells. Skin Becomes Thicker, Plumper, & More Youthful! Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Sagging, Thin Skin, Large Pores, Acne Marks, Stretch Marks, Celllulite, Photo Damage& Melasma are Effectively targeted During this Super Treatment! IsdinCeutics Flavo-C UltraGlican Ampoules Containing 5% Ascorbic Acid, 0.5% Proteoglycans, 2.5% Pre-Proteoglycans, & 0.1% Medical Grade Hyaluronic Acid are Applied & Received into the skin1000xs More Effectively! 


Dermaplaning Face $100 60min
Add Neck & Chest~                      $25
Add Hands & ForeArms~              $25
Add The BluePeel Radiance By Obagi Medical & Hydrodermabrasion Wand Pass~    $50

Dermaplaning Effectively Clears Superfluous Skin Layers & Fine Vellus Hair, leaving Skin Soft, Smooth, & Radiant. Post Peel Shedding is Drastically Reduced when Paired W The BluePeel Radiance By Obagi Medical. DermaPlaning is the closest I have to a Magical FairyWand!


Obagi Medical Blue Peel Radiance Face $100 60min  Add Neck and/or Chest                          $25 each
Add Hands & Forearms                         $25

Obagi's BluePeel Radiance effectively combats early signs of Photo Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Mild to Moderate Hyperpigmentation, Rough & Uneven Skin, & Acne. This Peel can be mild or deeper, depending on the number of layers applied. Up to 4 layers can be Applied, Based on your Skin Type. This Nourishing Treatment will Encourage Your Skin's Self Repair & will result in Supple, Hydrated Skin! As with every treatment, Multiple treatments are recommended for Optimal Results! 


VI Peel   $275           VI Peel W Hydroquinone   $295

Not your average Chemical Peel, the Vi Peel has the ability to dramatically improve your skin's texture, regardless of what skin type you have! Made w a unique blend of minerals, salicylic acid, vit C, phenol, Retinoic Acid & TCA, the VI Peel provides amazing results to those w acne, acne scars, rosacea, melasma, sun damage & hyperpigmentation skin issues. Skin's texture & tone is improved while delivering radiance, clarity, & an overall glow that lasts for months after the treatment! Pores shrink, while collagen & elastin are built & help tighten the skin! This Medium Depth Medical Grade Peel provides most W Sheeting Action. Within 7 Days your skin is left Gorgeous, Glowing, & Healthy!

IPL PhotoFacial  (Intense Pulsed Light) 

IPL Therapy is a pathway to improving the color & texture of your skin without surgery. Similar to a Laser Treatment, however, IPL releases light of many different wavelengths, like a photo flash, instead of focusing just one wavelength of light at your skin. Light from IPL is more scattered & penetrates down to the second layer of skin (dermis) without harming the top layer (epidermis) so it causes less damage to the skin. A range of skin issues such as, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, hair removal, collagen & elastin production, & Acne are effectively targeted! IPL can also be combined w Dermaplaning for a complete Skin Changing Treatment!

IPL Hair Reduction (4 to 8 Treatments)

Upper Lip $50/  Chin $50/  Full Face $175/  Underarms $100/       Bikini Line $175/  Brazilian $225/  Neck $75 


HyperPigmentation, Rosacea, Acne, Collagen IPL (4 to 6 Treatments)

Face $250/   Face & Neck $315/   Face, Neck,&Chest $400/       Hands& ForeArms $250/     Acne IPL for Back $325/                     $50 Per Spot/Lesion Removal

              ~Purchase Package of 4 and receive an extra 10% off~  

Poison Ivy is effectively treated W IPL, offering almost immediate healing & relief! 
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I am a Graduate of Covenant College & Have A Bachelors Degree in Business Management. I am A Licensed Esthetician through The Dalton Institute of Esthetics. I am Laser Certified Through The GA Composite Medical Board. I am a Certified Microblading Artist.   ​

I am Laser focused on correcting skin discolorations, softening lines & wrinkles, clearing acne, & Strenthening The Overall Integrity of The Skin. I empower my clients by educating them on the How & Why of the Functions of their Own Skin. When you leave me, you will be given all the tools you will need to Continue The Restructuring of Your Skin through Medical Grade SkinCare, A Vital Tool That is A Beautiful Skin Must Have!

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